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Announcing Carter William

Born: October 15, 2013

at 10:45 am

Weight: 5 lbs 4 ozs

Length: 18 1/2"

This sweet baby boy is truly one-of-a-kind and there will never be another baby like him! If you've fallen in love, do not let this baby slip through your fingers! He is a wonderfully realistic reborn baby doll and will bring many hours of cuddling and holding. He is absolutely an heirloom doll, and should not be a child's toy. He is a precious life-like recreation to be cherished!

Carter has 3/4 arms and legs and a so soft cotton body.

He was a pleasure to reborn, and will bring so much happiness and light into a special mommy's days! He was tenderly brought to ''life'' by master artisan Margaret McGehee. She has many years of artistic experience and has brought her talent to this intriguing art of Reborn Dolls. It is with great pleasure that she now offers these magnificent reborn babies for sale to a wider audience. She has been reborning these beautiful treasures since early 2008!

Each Calla® Reborn Baby is painted by hand with multiple layers of Genesis Heat Set Paints. The paints are heat set to ensure an heirloom quality, without fading, chipping, cracking or peeling. The process of painting layer after layer gives the baby a realistically life-like skin tone. There is subtle veining, slight discolorations and baby mottling on his entire body.

His fingernails and toenails are delicately tipped in a natural white that doesn't look fake or over-done. They are sealed with a soft finish so they will never chip. They have a perfect trimmed newborn look.

Carter William's hair is 100% professionally processed, treated and purchased salon-grade natural human hair. This is the same hair that is used for hair extensions. It has been micro-rooted, by hand, a single hair strand at the time to give a look of truly real hair growth. The hair has been sealed with a waterproof sealent inside his head so you can gently comb, brush, and wet baby's hair. His hair is varying shades of blonde to accentuate the realism of human hair.

Many people are allergic to Mohair, which is animal hair, the most commonly used hair in reborn babies. With human hair, there will be no allergic reaction!

His lips have been painted and sealed with a special sealer to give them a moist look that adds to the realism of this remarkable reborn baby. Carter has tiny capillaries painted onto his cheeks, something all babies have! His barely-there eyebrows have been painted one hair at a time to give the look of a true newborn.

Carter is a ''breather.'' His nose has been gently opened and lined with dark felt to give a more natural appearance.

Carter William's cotton body is a super soft fleece that is fabulous to hold. His arms and legs are weighted with tiny glass beads to give him a life-like weight. His body is filled with poly fiberfill and poly pellets to give him an unbelievably real feel to his little bottom. He is so wonderful to cuddle and squeeze! It really feels like you are holding a real baby! He has a soft baby powder scent that makes him smell just like a new baby. His bottom is signed by master artisan Margaret McGehee.

He wears size Newborn baby clothing.


His head is weighted with poly pellets to give it a heavier feel, and you will have to support his head just like a real baby when you hold him. His head will flop if you don't hold it, just as a real baby's head does.

Coming Home:

Carter will come home with all of the layette items you see here.

* 2 piece Overalls and shirt set

* blue & brown plaid shorts

* blue & white striped sleeper

* blue & white shoe socks

* blue fleece blanket with embroidered balls and dark blue edging

* bear & blanket stuffed toy

* blue & yellow pacifier with powerful magnet - please keep away from pacemakers, computers, electronic media, etc.
(magnet can be removed upon request)

* Photo Birth Certificate authenticating your baby

* Care Instructions

(all hand made and custom made work and embroidery or embellishment is done by the reborn artist, Margaret McGehee)

(baby bottle not included, used as a prop only)

All pictures are taken in natural daylight at various times of the day. Please keep in mind that every computer monitor represents colors differently and the color you see may not be the same color of the actual doll. The pictures are as accurate as possible and depict the baby as they truly are. Your screen may show them more pink, more orange, etc. If in doubt, please ask!

Shipping will be $30, insured, to anywhere in the continental United States.

Calla® and the Calla Logo are a registered trademark. Any use of the mark without permission is strictly prohibited.

If you resell a Calla® Reborn Baby, you MUST include all Calla® information that comes with your Reborn Doll. Including Birth Certificate, Instructions, contact information for Calla® Reborn Babies and any other documentation you receive from Calla® Reborn Babies and their artists.